Flight For Justice

Is a Fight for Justice 


Flight For Justice is an aviation legal thriller that is more truth that fiction, and based on real events. The trial testimony is verbatim from Petitt vs Delta. The deception and a false mental health accusations are also nothing short of a conspiracy of which the union is complicit, and the FAA looks the other way to the safety of our industry. 

The trial is a distraction to what’s really happening behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there is no safety without justice and Darby, Kathryn, and the gals are back fighting the villains of Global Air Lines. Bill Jacobs is also released from prison and the game changes. The stakes increase when Covid is unleashed on world. Who would have known the reasons why. 

After all these years Darby decides it’s time to let her hair down, as she steps into the ring for the final round in the fight of her life. She fights for the integrity of the pilot profession and the safety of passengers worldwide. But little does she know how deep the corruption runs within the union, the FAA, and Global Air Lines. Or how badly they want to stop her.

Twists and turns you will never expect are found in this fight for justice. This is the 7th in the Flight For series. And the very unexpected ending, leads to the next in the series: Flight For Revenge. Be ready!

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