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How Good Is Your Training?

Last week I shared a book by David Kern, Introduction to Fly-By-Wire Control Systems, to help pilots understand the fly-by-wire aircraft. There became quite a debated on who is responsible for training, that began with the following comment: 

“Writing books trying to explain or teach airplane systems should be the sole business of the manufacturer, the airliner operator and the official training provider.”

Who is Responsible?

During my research I queried pilots on performance, training, passion, manual flight and safety culture. I had asked the pilots surveyed if they used supplemental training information such as study guides, notes from friend and or on-line training material beyond company provided materials, and was it necessary.    

As it turned out, of the 7,490 pilots spanning the globe who responded, 80% stated that they had used supplemental training information during their initial checkout, and 50% of those pilot’s said that supplemental information was necessary. 

What would happen if those pilots relied on the company training manuals and aircraft system’s manual if those weren’t enough? 

Is it the responsibility of the pilot to get what they need on their own if the airline’s training is substandard and the systems manuals don’t improve understanding? And if pilots are not writing these books, where will the pilots find the needed information? Level of understanding is the key to operational performance… more so in a Fly-By-Wire aircraft. I want to applaud all those who help fill that void with your writing. 

Pilots Need More Training, Not Less
When a Computer is Involved

What do you think?

If you’re interested in the results and more… check out:
Normalization of Deviance A Threat to Aviation Safety! 

Fly Safe! Never Stop Learning! 
Dr. Karlene Petitt
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