The Flight Safety Envelope

Whittled Away…

George Jehn is a former airline pilot who has over thirty years’ experience flying for two major airlines. He served six years on the Board of Directors of the Air Line Pilots Association [ALPA], was an arbitrator on the Eastern Pilots System Board of Adjustment that adjudicated pilot grievances and has written two airline-related books, one novel and one nonfiction book. George is one on my first readers of my most recent novel. As a safety advocate and accomplished author, his words are well respected and heartfelt.

“In Flight For Justice, Karlene Petitt has written an excellent, intricate novel, but it could very well have been a nonfiction book as the story is, unfortunately, a fairly common one in today’s airline industry.

Since the onset of airline deregulation, virtually all the responsible parties, the governmental agencies with oversight responsibilities, the aircraft manufacturers, the airlines, the media and yes, even the unions that are supposed to protect and defend pilots who have come forth with legitimate flight safety concerns, have, in many cases, abdicated their sacred responsibility to put flight safety first and foremost, ahead of anything else. Unfortunately, despite what we have heard and read, the almighty dollar has replaced that time-honored covenant.

You might wonder what allowed this to happen. The answer is quite simple because the traveling public has been spoon-fed erroneous information, which in turn has allowed the flight safety envelope to be whittled away, which in turn has allowed the price of an airline ticket to be lowered by a few bucks here and there. You might want to start by asking yourself, “But, is this worth it?”

You also might wonder who pays the price for this. The answer to that is the ones that come forward and point out flight legitimate safety faults and defects. These usually take the form of pilots and/or aircraft mechanics and engineers that attempt to point these out to their bosses and in turn are “rewarded” with the loss of their livelihood, income and in some cases even their lives, due to related difficulties.

As you read Karlene’s excellent “novel,” ask yourself why this is happening and why is this allowed to continue?”

It’s allowed to continue because profit overrides safety and without public awareness, passengers are left in the blind. I know you will enjoy this novel as much as George did. 

The books are printed and now we are awaiting delivery, so pre-order your autographed copy on this site. I will also have a booth at the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show. Drop by, say hello and get your autographed copy. Retirement does not mean I have given up my fight for safety. It simply means that nobody can silence me with a false mental health accusation. It’s time for the truth to be revealed. 

You’re Invited to the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show
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February 24-25, 2024
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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


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