Pilot Career & Military Career

What inspired you to pursue a career as a pilot in the military?

I've always been fascinated by the sky and the opportunity to serve my country while pushing the boundaries of aviation technology.

Can you describe a particularly challenging moment in your military career and how you overcame it?

Transitioning to fighter jets was challenging due to the physical and mental demands. I overcame it through rigorous training, determination, and peer and mentor support.

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to become military pilots?

Believe in your abilities, seek out mentors, and never let gender stereotypes deter you from pursuing your dreams in aviation.

How has your military experience influenced your life outside the cockpit?

It taught me discipline, leadership, and the importance of teamwork, shaping how I approach challenges and opportunities in life.

Being A Thunderbird

What was your initial reaction when selected to fly with the Thunderbirds?

I was honored and humbled to represent the excellence and precision of the USAF, knowing it was a significant responsibility and opportunity to inspire others.

How did you balance the demands of being a Thunderbird pilot with being a mother?

It was challenging, but open communication with my family and the support system within the Thunderbirds helped me manage both roles effectively.

What is your most memorable performance with the Thunderbirds?

Every performance was special, but flying over my hometown and seeing the community's support was particularly memorable.

Did your experience as a Thunderbird influence your approach to leadership and teamwork?

Absolutely, it reinforced the importance of trust, precision, and relying on each other's strengths to achieve a common goal.

Speaking Engagement, Media, Press

How can organizations book you for a speaking engagement?

Interested organizations can contact me through my website's booking form or directly via email for inquiries and scheduling.

What topics do you typically cover in your speaking engagements?

I focus on leadership, overcoming adversity, teamwork, diversity in STEM, and sharing insights from my career in aviation and the military.

Can you share a particularly impactful moment from your speaking engagements?

Seeing young women and aspiring pilots feel inspired and empowered to pursue their dreams in aviation after my talks is incredibly rewarding.

How do you prepare for media appearances and interviews?

I reflect on the key messages I want to convey, stay informed about current issues in aviation and defense, and practice clear, concise communication.

Author, "Thundermouse" Book

What inspired you to write "Thundermouse"?

The story was inspired by my son's idea of joining me on my flights as a mouse, turning our imaginative solution into a heartwarming tale for children and families.

Where can readers purchase "Thundermouse"?

"Thundermouse" is available on my website, at select bookstores, and through various online retailers.

Will there be more books in the "Thundermouse" series?

I'm open to expanding the series and exploring more adventures, depending on the feedback and love from our readers.

What do you hope children and parents take away from "Thundermouse"?

I hope it inspires creativity, strengthens family bonds, and encourages children to dream big, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Merch and Shopping

Where can fans find official Caroline "Blaze" Jensen merchandise?

Official merchandise is available through my website's shop, featuring a range of items from apparel to autographed copies of "Thundermouse."

Do you have plans to release new merchandise or collections soon?

Yes, we're constantly exploring new ideas and designs to expand our merchandise line, so stay tuned for upcoming releases.

How are product designs inspired and created?

Designs are inspired by my aviation career, military service, and "Thundermouse," aiming to resonate with fans and share a message of inspiration and courage.

Can merchandise be shipped internationally?

Currently, we offer shipping to select countries, and we're working on expanding our shipping options to reach more fans worldwide.

Advocacy & Giving Back

What causes are you most passionate about supporting through your advocacy?

I'm dedicated to supporting veterans, promoting STEM education for girls, and advocating for mental health awareness, drawing on my experiences to make a positive impact.

How can individuals or organizations collaborate with you on advocacy initiatives?

Collaboration proposals can be submitted through my website. I'm always looking for meaningful ways to support our causes together.

Are there upcoming events or campaigns that supporters can participate in?

Upcoming events and campaigns are regularly updated on my website and social media. I encourage everyone interested in making a difference to join us.

How do you choose the organizations and causes you support?

I select causes that align with my personal values and where I feel I can make the most significant impact based on my experiences and platform.

Her Consulting

What services do you offer through your consulting business?

I offer leadership coaching, workshops, retreats, and personalized 1-on-1 consulting, focusing on developing effective leaders and cohesive teams.

How can companies benefit from your workshops and retreats?

Companies can enhance their leadership capabilities, foster teamwork, and improve organizational culture, directly impacting their success and growth.

What makes your approach to consulting unique?

My military background and leadership experience in high-pressure environments provide a unique perspective on overcoming challenges and achieving excellence.

How can individuals or companies book your consulting services?

Bookings can be made directly through my website, where clients can also find more information about the services offered and tailor them to their needs.

Resources and Guides

What resources do you offer for aspiring military pilots?

I provide guides and advice on preparing for a military aviation career, including educational pathways, physical training tips, and insights into the selection process.

Do you have guides for transitioning from military to corporate life?

Yes, I offer resources that address the challenges of transitioning, focusing on leveraging military skills in the corporate world and adapting to new roles.

What advice do you have for balancing parenthood and work, especially in demanding careers?

My guides on parenthood and work provide strategies for managing time effectively, maintaining work-life balance, and building a supportive network.

Can you recommend any performance improvement resources?

The Performance Lab section of my website includes tools and techniques for enhancing personal and team performance, drawing from my experiences in high-stakes environments.